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Our mission is to introduce any member of our community to a healthy, active lifestyle in a fun, social and inspirational weekly activity.

Join our EDENVALE Bootcamp today!
EXCITING NEW VENUE: Eastleigh Primary School Sports field



You may join our Bootcamp challenge by filling in the pre-registration form on the sign up page and then attending an orientation session on your first Monday!
Our focus is based on 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise = 100% RESULTS

Our physical training Workouts focus on 4 core exercise principles
Flexibility - Stretching, breathing, relaxation
Cardio - Walking, running, aerobics
Strength - Body weight focused exercise
Endurance - Timed runs/walks - increased distances

Everybody is welcome - regardless of their current levels of fitness or strength. The program is specifically designed to help anybody, at any fitness level, get fitter, stronger and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Free Fitness Evaluation and Coaching
Upon joining our classes we provide a FREE body composition analyis, to help us to understand your physical condition. The analysis measures:

Body Fat %
Total Body Water %
Muscle Mass
Physique Rating
Basal Metabolic Rate
Metabolic Age
Bone Mass
Visceral Fat

Thereafter, we'll help you to understand how you can improve your fitness and wellbeing through our weekly fitness classes (20% Exercise) and the right nutrition (80% Nutrition).

We provide ongoing coaching to our regular campers at no cost - simply show up and we'll be there to help!


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